2018 Challenge X Thanyapura Training Camp

2018 Challenge X Thanyapura Training Camp

22/08/2018 07:00 - 26/08/2018 22:00 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Challenge Asia highest championship is about to start in Thanyapura!

In order to make sure athletes can possible leave a best record on Challenge Asia Pacific Championship for Taiwan in November, Waypoint training crew specially selected Asian sport hotel in “Thanyapra” to perform the training, so that everyone can focus on training, enjoy a plenty training resources.

Have you signed up the 2018 Challenge Asia Pacific Championship yet?

Waypoint will be held the Triathlon training camp in Phuket, Thailand at the end of August, the place will allow you to be prepared for the Challenge Asia Pacific Tournament with a full enhancement. The training venue is at the Thanyapura Triathlon Training Center, which owns the best place in Asia.

Thanyapura is located in central Phuket. The place includes a 50m outdoor swimming pool, 500m field (artificial grass), sports resort (including a bicycle parking spot), sports nutrition restaurant, so you can train less concerned during the event. Waypoint training crew will accompany beside you for the preparation.

Course Features:

@Open water training: The skill training will be in the open seas around Thanyapura with clear blue water and sky.

@Bike Riding: Bike mountaineering climbing skill, laps cycling skill and long distance riding, which perfectly match Phuket’s diverse terrain.

@Cross-country running: Using the diversity of trail running to train the body’s stability, the training area which located on the forest route.

@Yoga&Sports Massage: In addition to dynamic courses during the training days, and with the static course to extend body part and message recovery, to make sure body receives more stimulus.

@Sightseeing Tour: Besides all series of sports training, we have arranged athlete to visit the attraction “Patong” on the training break and enjoy the local culture.

Before the end of summer vacation, we welcome you to Thailand’s triathlon training camp in Phuket to prepare for the next season tournament.

For the people who want to participate in the training camp:

  1. Completed a 51.5km iron man individually.
  2. Need to bring your own bicycle (road bikes or time trial bike)

1) Training camp fees: Athlete: $940 USD

Include (accommodation, training and meals)

In addition, as long as you sign up for Challenge Asia-Pacific, you will get 5% off right away.

2) If you cannot attend the event after registration, please inform us as soon as possible;

  • If canceled before 31 days prior to departure, 10% transaction fee will be charged for travel expenses;
  • Cancellation from 21 to 30 days prior to departure. 20% transaction fee will be charged for travel expenses;
  • Cancellations from the 2nd to the 20th day before departure will be charged 30% of the travel fee;
  • Cancellation before the day prior to departure. 50% of the travel fee will be charged.
  • The cancellation of the itinerary on the day of departure, failed to attend on time, due to personal factors, and the non-notice or non-attendance will not be refunded.

3) If typhoon is encountered during the event, or other majestic factors cause the event cannot be held on time, the organizer of the event has the right to postpone or cancel the activity immediately, and after deducting the administrative costs of the activities, it will refund 90% of fees.

4) The organizer of the event maintains the right to adjust the activities. If there is a need to make adjustments due to major events, it will be announced on site.

MAKE A REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/3hTDa0BHnambKZcl2


Challenge普吉島訓練營 8/22-8/26
開放報名/ 九天限時優惠!包機票住宿訓練餐飲四萬有找!
Waypoint 訓練團隊將帶領大家到世界級鐵人三項訓練中心Thanyapura 進行五天四夜精實訓練!比照Challenge 國際亞太錦標賽,訓練營當然也要國際規格!讓下半年度安排賽事、或是想要享受高規格度假訓練的你/妳,在最佳訓練場地進行訓練大補帖,搭配普吉島陽光沙灘比基尼,千萬不能錯過!

5/23-5/31 限時九天九折優惠!特價37,791 !

活動地點:Thanyapura Phuket


Thanyapura 官網:https://www.thanyapura.com/



主辦單位相關聯絡資訊:1.FB搜尋 Waypoint 訓練團隊
2.LINE ID @clp5445w
3.電話 (02)2579-5010

銀行別:台北富邦銀行 八德分行

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22/08/2018 07:00 - 26/08/2018 22:00 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort
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